Wylfa, more problems, more delay. Scrap it now

The London government has pushed back any decision on the Wylfa B power plant planning application until the end of September 2020.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industry says he has not been satisfied by answers given by Horizon Nuclear on environmental issues and other considerations.

PAWB proposes that Horizon Nuclear’s planning application should be totally rejected. The national policy statement for nuclear power adopted several years ago is completely outdated and rather than approving this obviously defective application, the Westminster government should start from scratch with a thorough review of their energy policy and to recognise that reneweable technologies like wind, solar and marine have totally undermined any reason for investing billions of pounds in nuclear power.

The COVID 19 crisis has already forced big changes in the Government’ s way of operating. They should now take the opportunity to take a fundamental review on investing in renewable technologies which offer clean and safe electricity.

A green revolution can create thousands of jobs in Wales and the other countries of Britain without the threat of nuclear disasters and poisonous radioactive waste and their effects on human and environmental health for thousands of years.