Nasty Nuclear Bullies

Why is Hitachi allowing Horizon to make life unpleasant for the nearest neighbour to Wylfa?

Video diaries appeared recently by Katie Hayward, a farmer and business woman from Cemlyn which show she is having a very hard time from the Horizon Nuclear company. She is Horizon’s nearest neighbour to the 750 acres of land they own to the west of the old Wylfa station. Ms. Hayward has set up a successful bee keeping and honey making business and she has won numerous awards over the past years for succeeding in her new business.

Hitachi decided to suspend spending on the Wylfa B project in January 2019 thereby making the vast majority of their workforce in Gloucester and Ynys Môn redundant. Why therefore are Hitachi promoting bad and oppressive behaviour by their servants in Horizon Nuclear towards Ms.Hayward.

Honour is a very important and central feature of Japanese culture, but this chapter of harassmentby a huge corporation towards an individual totally undermines that very feature. Hitachi’s board members should assess the situation very carefully and listen to their conscience.

We call on Hitachi to instruct Horizon Nuclear to cease this merciless campaign of harassment towards Ms. Hayward and to call off their attack dogs, a campaign which is obviously having a detrimental effect on her health. We further call on Hitachi to dissolve the Horizon Nuclear company, since it is obvious that nobody wants to invest in their Boiling Water reactor, the exact reason why Hitachi suspended the project just over a year ago. The honourable step to take is to offer all the land they own to local landowners at favourable terms, so that agriculture can re-establish itself as the main industry in this beautiful part of Ynys Môn.

PAWB members and supporters will gather at the Menai bridge on the Ynys Môn side on Wednesday morning, March 11 between 8.00 and 9.00 to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The crisis continues there with radioactive water still flowing into the Pacific Ocean and the Japanese government wanting to dump thousands of additional tons of radioactive water stored in tanks on the site into the sea.

On Wednesday evening, March 11 at 7.30 in Salem chapel’s vestry, Porthmadog, CADNO is holding a public meeting to oppose the idea of piloting a modular nuclear reactor, SMR, at Trawsfynydd. Linda Gunter from beyond Nuclear International will address the meeting.