Protest Against Wylfa Anglesey


The campaign agaInst WYLFA-B, a new nuclear power station THREATENED FOR Anglesey, Wales

Who Are We?

Protest Against Wylfa Anglesey

PAWB (People Against Wylfa-B) are a group campaigning against a second nuclear station (Wylfa-B) on Anglesey.

No to Nuclear Energy

Nuclear waste

Nobody wants to invest in nuclear energy when there are cheaper and cleaner ways of generating electricity.

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Protest Against Wylfa Nuclear Power Station, Anglesey

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Latest News

Wylfa B: “Payday loan shark” claim

The investigative website has claimed that Shearwater Energy, is vying to back Wylfa. The report goes on to claim that the founder of the company is Tom Parks who made his fortune through the payday loans industry.

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Everything needed to argue against the nuke’s lies.

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Nuclear News

8 Reasons to Oppose Wylfa-B

1 Nobody wants to invest billions on new nukes, although the Westminster Government are committed to artificially high prices for nuclear electricity to pass on to consumers.

2 The Government will make you pay double the price for electricity from new nukes. The price of £92.50 per MW/hour is over double the current market price, of £41 MW/hour.

3 Nobody has a clue what to do with the tonnes of dangerous nuclear waste. There are plans in place for the waste to remain on the Wylfa-B site for 160 years.

4 The Prime Minister of Japan during the Fukushima disaster  came to Wylfa in February 2015. His message: the disaster was avoidable, by avoiding nuclear energy in the first place.

5 The economy of Anglesey is the weakest in the United Kingdom, with figures of “GVA” per head of £11,368. This, in spite of the “advantage” of the power station for 50 years.

6 Germany is getting rid of nuclear energy. Italy has voted to keep the country nuclear-free. Switzerland and Spain have prohibited new nuclear power stations.

7 The island should become a centre for green energy. In 2012 PAWB published a “Manifesto for Anglesey”: an economic strategy blueprint to create jobs through natural energy.

8 They are trying to buy votes by promising jobs. Clueless politicians are promising all kinds of ludicrous things about the number of jobs to be created in a new Wylfa.