Protest Against Wylfa Anglesey


The campaign agaInst WYLFA-B, a new nuclear power station THREATENED FOR Anglesey, Wales

Who Are We?

Protest Against Wylfa Anglesey

PAWB (People Against Wylfa-B) are a group campaigning against a second nuclear station (Wylfa-B) on Anglesey.

No to Nuclear Energy

Nuclear waste

Nobody wants to invest in nuclear energy when there are cheaper and cleaner ways of generating electricity.

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Protest Against Wylfa Nuclear Power Station, Anglesey

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  • Bradwell
    by pete on 10/08/2020 at 7:39 am

    The Chancellor refuses to rule out a U-turn on the involvement of China in the building of the Bradwell nuclear power station in Essex. Tom Swarbrick asked Chancellor Rishi Sunak if the Government would still allow a Chinese state-owned nuclear power company to build a nuclear power plant at […]

8 Reasons to Oppose Wylfa-B

1 Nobody wants to invest billions on new nukes, although the Westminster Government are committed to artificially high prices for nuclear electricity to pass on to consumers.

2 The Government will make you pay double the price for electricity from new nukes. The price of £92.50 per MW/hour is over double the current market price, of £41 MW/hour.

3 Nobody has a clue what to do with the tonnes of dangerous nuclear waste. There are plans in place for the waste to remain on the Wylfa-B site for 160 years.

4 The Prime Minister of Japan during the Fukushima disaster  came to Wylfa in February 2015. His message: the disaster was avoidable, by avoiding nuclear energy in the first place.

5 The economy of Anglesey is the weakest in the United Kingdom, with figures of “GVA” per head of £11,368. This, in spite of the “advantage” of the power station for 50 years.

6 Germany is getting rid of nuclear energy. Italy has voted to keep the country nuclear-free. Switzerland and Spain have prohibited new nuclear power stations.

7 The island should become a centre for green energy. In 2012 PAWB published a “Manifesto for Anglesey”: an economic strategy blueprint to create jobs through natural energy.

8 They are trying to buy votes by promising jobs. Clueless politicians are promising all kinds of ludicrous things about the number of jobs to be created in a new Wylfa.