Horizon scrapes the bottom of the barrel

The Westminster Government has again deferred a decision on a Development Consent Order for a nuclear power station at Wylfa until the end of April 2021. This is the fourth time this has happened, and the second time in a row for Duncan Hawthorne, chief executive Horizon, to ask for a deferral. The attempt to build Wylfa B has been shambolic from the start. It’s high time to abandon the foolish dream that has paralyzed Anglesey’s development since 2006. As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, the latest to be mentioned as ‘saviours’ of the radioactive poisoning project that would threaten the health of everyone on the island and beyond are three US companies. Here they are: Bechtel Corporation, Westinghouse and Southern Company.

Here are some of the trio’s transgressions:

Bechtel – recently fined nearly $58million for financial fraud with another company over a 10-year period at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the most radioactively contaminated site in the United States. This followed a fine of $125million for low quality work on the same site in 2016. Much more could be said about Bechtel.
Westinghhouse and Southern Company – Westinghouse went bankrupt while trying to build Vogtle Power Station in the state of Georgia. The two AP1000 reactors of the type destined for Wylfa are five years behind Schedule, have doubled in cost to $25billion, and there is no guarantee that the power station will ever be completed. Another of their projects was the V C Summer nuclear plant in South Carolina. It was abandoned unfinished in 2017, and is still being paid for by taxpayers.

Why is this information not being made public? Do officials, civil servants, councilors and politicians know the history of these companies? Do they care? From Virginia Crosbie, MP for Anglesey, a welcome for the announcement from London, but no word from her on the three companies.
Without the London Government guaranteeing their profits, this trio would have no interest in Wylfa B. It isn’t the well-being of the people of Anglesey that counts for them. Horizon is scraping the bottom of the barrel if they are indeed trying to lure these three failures to Anglesey.

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