Wylfa B: “Payday loan shark” claim

The investigative website has claimed that Shearwater Energy, is vying to back Wylfa. The report goes on to claim that the founder of the company is Tom Parks who made his fortune through the payday loans industry.

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Horizon Nuclear Failure

Horizon to be wound up

On 10 January The Times revealed Horizon, the company behind the threatened new nuclear plant at Wylfa, is to be wound up completely by Hitachi…

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Wylfa B Won't be

Hitachi pulls out of Wylfa

As expected Hitachi is to abandon all plans to build a nuclear power station at Wylfa. Well over a decade has been wasted by our politicians in supporting Wylfa B. For years, PAWB has agreed with experts around the world who warned that massive nuclear projects are unlikely to be commercially successful. All of the nuclear industry’s arguments have been negated by the growth of sustainable methods of energy production for continually falling costs. This is the reality that has been ignored, while still believing in the promises of jobs.

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