Celebrating a historic victory

People Against Wylfa B joined anti nuclear campaigners from around the world at celebrations in Brittany marking the 40th anniversary of the victory over the threatened Plogoff nuclear power plant.

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Nuclear Waste Flask on Train

End of the line for Wylfa toxic trains

No more highly dangerous nuclear waste is to be moved by train from Wylfa according to reports in the Daily Post. For 50 years freight trains have been carting the radiological hazard from Wylfa to Sellafield, Cumbria. Magnox have claimed the movement of waste by train is no longer required since the last nuclear reactor was switched off at Wylfa in 2015. The huge flasks start their journey by lorry from Wylfa …

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Flamanville fiasco – Wylfa Warning

Billions over budget and years behind schedule Flamanville is a stark warning for any new nuclear power plant at Wylfa. Due to be up and running in 2012 at a cost of €3.3 billion, 2022 and €10.9 billion are the projected date and cost for the planned Flamanville nuclear power plant in France. The Times business commentator Alistair Osborne noted: ‘Flamanville is the prototype for our very own …

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Wylfa Panic

Higher fuel bills and taxpayer bailouts to pay for Wylfa

Energy consumers could be forced to stump up for a new nuke at Wylfa under UK government plans to subsidise nuclear investors - with taxpayers picking up the cost when things go wrong. The £12 billion scheme for a new nuclear power plant at Wylfa, Anglesey was scrapped earlier this year. Hitachi and Horizon Nuclear Power having failed to attract investors. The Hitachi/Horizon consortium have recently announced a £1.7 billion loss. Now the …

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Wylfa backers announce £1.7 billion losses

Horizon, the company that planned to build the new Wylfa nuclear power station has reported a £1.68bn pre-tax loss according to the BBC. Work at Wylfa Newydd was suspended in January by Hitachi due to rising costs. Most of the Horizon staff have since been made redundant. The latest accounts filed by its subsidiary Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd show it cut the value of the land and equipment by £1.52bn as it does not intend to build …

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