Wylfa Facts

Nuclear power – too expensive and too dangerous

Desperate and clueless politicians have made wild claims about mythical Wylfa jobs . No one wants to invest in nuclear power when there are cheaper and cleaner solutions.

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Better, cleaner energy

Anglesey’s leaders should jump at the chance to make the island a hub for green energy production. In 2012 PAWB published ‘Maniffesto Môn’ by Dr Carl Clowes, a strategy blueprint for creating jobs with natural energy production.

Bye-bye nukes –
Hello green power

Germany is phasing out nuclear power in favour of greener energy. Italy voted overwhelmingly to keep their country non-nuclear. Switzerland and Spain have banned the construction of new reactors.

Wylfa Jobs - Don’t believe the hype!

It's all about buying votes with mythical jobs. Desperate and clueless politicians have made wild claims about new Wylfa jobs.

Nuclear plans hit rock bottom

Plans for new Nukes are all going horribly wrong with proposed plants in France, Finland, England, China going billions over budget and years behind schedule. Many other schemes have been scrapped. Confirmation that the cash-strapped £18bn Hinkley project is falling apart came followng news that the finance dir-ector of EDF, the company behind the scheme, had resigned.

Insanely expensive! No investors

Hitachi have to pulled out of the ill-fated Wylfa project. German firms have backed away from investing in Wylfa-B. No one can find in-vestors, despite the London govermment’s int-icement of billions of taxpayer’s money.

100s of jobs for years… to clear radiation from OLD Wylfa

100s of people will be employed (at great expense to you) for years to clean up the mess left by the old Wylfa nuclear plant.

Old Wylfa - dodgy safety record

The old Wylfa plant was dogged by technical problems and couldn’t be allowed to stay open longer. It won shiny awards, but the truth was rather different. In 1993 a steel crane grab fell into the Magnox reactor and blocked a fuel channel. The reactor was not shut down for 9 hours. Operators Nuclear Electric were later fined £250,000 for theircarelessness, with £138,000 costs.

Ex Japanese PM visits Angelsey to warn of nulclear power

Mr Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the Fukishima disaster, visited Wylfa on in February 2015, and delivered stark warnings over Britain’s continued commitment to nuclear energy. His message was clear: Fukishima was an avoidable disaster, by avoiding nuclear power in the first place.

Electric bill price hike to subsidise nuke shareholders

The UK government will force you to pay double the price for electricity from new nuclear plants than other, safer sources. The stitched up price from the threatened new nuke at Hinkley, Somerset will cost the energy bill payer up to £17.6bn in subsidies. The agreed price of £92.50 per MW/hour is over double the current wholesale price at just over £41 per MW/hour.

Toxic waste piled up by side of new Wylfa for 160 years?

No one has any idea what to do with the tonnes of dangerous waste that nuclear plants spew out. There are plans that a Wylfa development would have to keep waste on site for 160 years

Greater Cancer Risk

An extensive study commissioned by the German Government in 2003, the ‘Kikk report’, concluded that there was a significant increase in the numberof solid cancers and leukemia in children under 5 years old living within 5 km of German nuclear power plants. Its findings were accepted by the German government. Later reports from England and France also found increases, but this research was less extensive.

Wylfa - No economic advantage for Anglesey

Anglesey’s economy is the lowest performing in Britain.. despite having the ‘benefit’ of the first Wylfa nuclear power station for 50 years. The lowest Gross Value Added per head in the UK is found on Anglesey at £11,368.