Community Power – Anglesey lags behind

Community renewable energy projects have sprung up across Wales over the past few years. Members of the communities have come together to raise money and to give spare time to establish small-scale renewable energy schemes. 

“Ynni Ogwen”, Bethesda, Gwynedd succeeded in raising half a million pounds from the local area in only a few months. Since 2017 they have been producing electricity from the Afon Ogwen river, providing cheaper electricity to houses nearby and passing the profits to a community fund to finance other similar projects in the area.

The Community Energy Wales website lists dozens o of similar projects across the country

Communities in Wales have the potential to become stronger, more resilient, and self-reliant by generating their own energy, using it efficiently, and directing the net income to regenerate their communities.

Unfortunately Anglesey seems to be lagging behind the rest of Wales with such projects. It seems that the local politicians and council’s futile obsession of trying attracting huge corporations to speculate on a nuclear power station at Wylfa, and the controversy that that sparked, have deflected attention from possible projects that would benefit local communities.

In April PAWB organised a seminar in Menai Bridge to discuss developing a renewable energy region in Anglesey and Gwynedd as part of an economic transformation of the area.

Ynni Ogwen, Bethesda Website

Community Energy Wales Website

An Institue of Welsh Affairs Report about community engagement in renewable energy