Wylfa Anglesey - Failure

Nuclear plans in meltdown – Hitachi pull out of Wylfa

As widely predicted, Hitachi has shelved its nuclear power station project at Wylfa.

PAWB pointed out for years that the atomic industry was unable to raise the billions needed for new nukes. Therefore it was no surprise that in January 2019 Hitachi announced that they were unable to attract investors and pulled out of the Wylfa project.

Newspaper Cutting: The Times 18 January 2019

According to the Financial Times Hitachi will write off ¥300bn ($2.8bn) of work in progress.

The is still a threat that the London government will still try to go ahead somehow with a second nuclear power plant at Wylfa. However, the Japanese company’s decision to abandon the project means the UK’s programme of new nuclear construction is hanging by a thread after Toshiba quit a similar project at Moorside in Cumbria in 2018.