Wylfa Nuclear Power Station Anglesey

Birds under threat at nuclear sites

The now halted Wylfa B reactor site in North Wales is adjacent to Cemlyn nature reserve.

Construction and long-term operation of Wylfa B would have damaged the reserve’s shingle ridge, saline lagoon and breeding tern colony. At the Hinkley-C nuclear site in Somerset, at least 68% of the Hinkley County Wildlife Site has already been lost to construction, disturbing feeding, roosting and migratory birds. Similar wildlife risks exist at the proposed Bradwell nuclear site in Essex.

The protected Minsmere nature reserve, adjacent to the proposed Sizewell C reactor site in Suffolk, is home to more than 5,600 different animals, plants and fungi including the bittern, marsh harrier and otter. But, according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the new reactor could increase coastal erosion, destroy wetland habitat, alter water availability for wildlife and drive sensitive species away due to noisy and destructive heavy transport and construction activities,